Kassey Reeves

Sales Agent

Kassey Reeves is a dedicated Sales Agent at Nolan Partners, with extensive real estate experience. Kassey excels in assisting our clients with their real estate needs, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience throughout the process.

Drawing from her years of experience in the real estate industry, Kassey provides expert guidance and support for our clients. Her proactive assistance, coupled with a pleasant and professional demeanor, reflects her commitment to delivering top-notch service. After honing her skills in Sydney, Kassey joined Nolan Partners as a Property Manager, where she gained valuable insights into property management. Her expertise and dedication led her to transition into the role of New Business Manager, further solidifying her position as a vital member now with a wealth of experience as a Sales Agent.

Motivated and determined, Kassey is driven to achieve exceptional results. Her unwavering work ethic is a valuable asset to our team, ensuring that every client receives nothing short of excellence.

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